Veterinary Care for Cats: What to Expect Over the Years

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Cats are America’s most popular household pet, according to the American Animal Hospital Association. They are also extremely stoic, rarely showing signs of pain or illness. This doesn’t mean you should skip your cat’s yearly or semi-annual exam, because routine veterinary visits can help prevent many diseases and unwanted behaviors. With each life stage of [...]

Your Dog Has Heartworm Disease: Now What?

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Pet owners fear their pet receiving a positive heartworm test. It’s a valid fear, since these worms, which can grow up to a foot long and live for five to seven years, can permanently damage an animal’s heart and blood vessels and may cause death if left untreated. The best option is prevention, which is [...]

How to Protect Your Pet from Rattlesnakes

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As winter turns into spring, people and their pets will head outdoors to enjoy the sunshine, and creatures will emerge from their hiding places to enjoy the spring air as well. As you head out to admire the birds and smell the fragrant flower buds, be on the lookout for not-so-friendly warm-weather critters. Springtime means [...]

How Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Can Benefit Your Pet

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a revolutionary treatment that is rapidly growing in popularity in the companion animal world, having been used for years in human and equine medicine. Fortunately, this therapy has made the jump to our canine companions, and they are reaping the benefits. Alternative forms of medicine, such as laser therapy, pulsed [...]