The Golden Paw Experience


House Calls

cat petting with hand
Let Dr.Sam make it easier for you. I take no offense that your cat does not want to come to my hospital! Everyone is more comfortable at home. Or, maybe life gets busy and it is easier for me to come by and check your pup out. Or you just need immunizations updated. Whatever it is, I’m here for you!

Preventative Medicine

goldendoodle puppy dressed
A powerful step towards wellness for you and your pet! There are immunizations and parasite controls that keep you and your pets safe. We must discuss dental health in all of our pets. Let’s talk exercise nutrition and training as well.

State of the Art Techniques

border collie dog running in the garden
We use electrosurgery when needed. We can inject painful joints with platelet rich plasma and/or stem cells. Ultrasound and Digital X-rays allow us to get a diagnosis that may avoid surgery. Laser therapy may help improve healing.

Low Stress Techniques

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What makes your pet most comfortable? Let’s try it. We perform exams in manners that keep your pet more comfortable. Sometimes a medicine to take the edge off will make a visit much more tolerable for everyone!


A dog taking a shower with soap and water
We are excited to announce that Golden Paws now has a dedicated grooming salon at 109 N Rubey Dr in Golden! We offer full haircuts, light trims, and baths for dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes, and we specialize in working slowly with fearful dogs. Call 720-572-1101 or visit now to schedule an appointment for your furry friend!

Necessary Surgical Procedures

golden retriever dog on a sunny day in garden
A painful injured knee or hip may require surgery. Bladder stones, anal glands and swallowed socks may need to be removed. Whatever it is, we’ll get your pet on a path towards healing.

Chronic Issues

Let’s talk about how to control chronic issues like allergies, arthritis, anal glands, diabetes in a manner that looks at multiple approaches including medicines, diets, vitamins and surgical or non-surgical treatments. Most importantly, we can partner up to make sure you are comfortable with whatever plan we choose.


cat is sitting rooftop in night
Your cat or dog has been your companion for a long time. Please reach out to me so we can talk through this difficult decision and decide what is best for you and your family.