Veterinary Services

Our AAHA-accredited team of veterinarians, techs and office staff look forward to meeting you. We provide high tech procedures with cost effective pricing.

Full-Service Vet + Animal Hospital

Preventative Medicine for Dogs and Cats

veterinarian dogs and cats

A powerful step towards wellness for you and your pet – we offer veterinary care for all stages and phases of your pet’s life including puppies, kittens, adult, and senior animals.

on-site specialty services

Necessary Surgical Procedures

veterinarian surgical procedures

A painful injured knee or an abscessed tooth may require surgery. Bladder stones, anal glands and swallowed socks may need to be removed. We’ll get your pet on a path towards healing.

Did you know?

We remove barriers to exceptional pet care, providing high tech procedures and cost-effective pricing.

veterinarian dog rattlesnake vaccine

We have rattlesnake antivenin and vaccines.

If your dog is bit, we can treat them! Get to us right away to help! We also provide a vaccine that may be the right choice for your pet before a bite.

veterinarian fear free low stress

We practice fear-free, low-stress techniques.

This means we believe that pets need veterinary professionals to look after their emotional well-being, too.

veterinarian great dane

We help with many breed-specific problems.

We can correct Bulldog’s narrow noses, Pug’s elongated soft palates, Cocker Spaniel’s cherry eyes, and tack Great Danes’ stomachs against bloat.

veterinarian preventative medicine

We have a 12-month heartworm prevention shot.

This 12-month shot is both cost effective and super simple! No more remembering a monthly pill! Talk to us about whether this shot is right for your pet(s).

veterinarian puppy

We repair knees.

We have an in-house surgeon who performs TPLOs at cost effective prices. TPLOs are the gold standard for ACL repair in dogs!

veterinarian ultrasounds animals

We perform ultrasounds and echocardiograms.

If your pet needs more advanced imaging of his heart or abdomen, we can help.

veterinarian high tech treatments

We have scopes that help us treat and diagnose, and potentially prevent
surgical procedures.

Endoscopy can help safely remove foreign objects like swallowed hair ties. Rhinoscopy and otoscopy can look in ears and noses to diagnose, biopsy, and remove foreign materials like grass seeds. Laparoscopy allows access to the inside of the abdomen and pelvis without having to make large incisions, and is a minimally invasive surgery. Learn more about laparoscopy with this video.

veterinarian diagnostics

We feel that the end of life should be as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

When the unfortunate time comes, we have a special comfort room in our hospital, designed to be less clinical and more tranquil than a regular exam room, specifically designed to make your furry family member and you more at home. If you prefer, we will also come to your home to help you say goodbye in the most familiar environment.

veterinarian kitten

Let’s be friends.

The Golden Paw represents the bond between you, your pet, the Golden Paws Veterinary Team and the community. Our goal is to make your life easier and strengthen these bonds by meeting you where you are (even if that’s your own home or neighborhood), communicating effectively, and promoting wellness through quality care.

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Let’s be Friends

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