veterinary care for cats

Veterinary Care for Cats: What to Expect Over the Years

Cats are America’s most popular household pet, according to the American Animal Hospital Association. They are also extremely stoic, rarely showing signs of pain or illness. This doesn’t mean you should skip your cat’s yearly or semi-annual exam, because routine veterinary visits can help prevent many diseases and unwanted behaviors.

treating heartworm disease in dogs

Your Dog Has Heartworm Disease: Now What?

Pet owners fear their pet receiving a positive heartworm test. It’s a valid fear! We will plan your pet’s treatment protocol according to the disease stage.

fitness for you and your pet

Fitness for You and Your Pet

As a veterinarian, I have encouraged many parents to exercise their pets more. This is a great tool to assist in those efforts. There are other similar devices out their like Voyce® and Whistle®. Th

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