A Year in the Life: The Puppy and Kitten Edition

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You’ve welcomed home a brand-new, four-legged bundle of joy—congratulations! You’re in for a giggle-filled year, but it won’t go without frustrations, mishaps, and lost sleep. Your puppy or kitten’s first year is one of her most important, so ensure you’re on your A game when it comes to rearing her right.  That youngster life Puppies [...]

Don’t Forget To Water Your Dog!

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Don't Forget To Water Your Dog! Trail running shoes, check.  Camelback filled with water, check.  Sunglasses, check. Fit bit, check. Dog, check. Oh, and don’t forget the collapsible water bowl.  It’s the beginning of October, but you can’t forget the water when you hit the trails.  You need it and your dog needs it.  We [...]