Summertime Hazards for Pets

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Summer is here, and everyone seems to be enjoying the sunshine and rising temperatures. But, summer can mean danger for our furry friends. Here are some of the hazards you should be aware of. Stroke of (un)luck The greatest threat the rising mercury poses to your pet is heatstroke, which occurs in dogs and cats [...]

Does Your Pet Suffer from Seasonal Allergies?

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It’s that time of year, when beautiful flowers are blossoming, grass is turning green—and a thick layer of yellow powder coats every surface. The springtime pollen that is wreaking havoc with your sinuses can affect your pet, as well. Seasonal allergies often flare in spring and fall as the weather patterns change to rising summer [...]

The Benefits of Taking Your Pet to an AAHA-Accredited Veterinary Hospital

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At the forefront of excellence in veterinary medicine, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is the only organization that accredits companion animal veterinary practices in the United States and Canada. AAHA strives to provide veterinarians, technicians, managers, and client service representatives the tools to deliver the highest quality of pet care. With an abundance of [...]

Dental Health Care for Pets Starts at Home

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The most common form of dental disease in pets, periodontal disease affects most pets over the age of three. Prevention and early detection are crucial, because periodontal disease can lead to more advanced health complications affecting vital organs, such as the liver, kidneys, and heart.   Regular pet dental exams During your pet’s regular preventive [...]