Mitch started her career in California, where she got a job at a dog boarding facility while attending college as a Child Development major. She fell in love with the dogs, switched to grooming school with Animal Behavioral College, and never looked back. After completing her training, she continued to work for the boarding facility while also working at the local Humane Society as a groomer. Upon moving to Golden in 2016, she began work as a full-time groomer. She currently lives with her fiancé and has two standard Poodles, an old Lab, and a cat. She specializes in haircuts for dogs with curly coats, but does well with all breeds.

Mitch started working with dogs in 2010 at a California dog boarding facility. She began grooming soon after, learning through Animal Behavioral College. Specialties include fearful dogs, and breeds with curly coats. She and her fiancé have two standard Poodles, an old Lab, and a cat.
Mitch works at our new Grooming @ Golden Paws location. Find her at