I grew up in central Minnesota in a (quite sadly) pet-less household, even though there was no end to my requests to have animals! As soon as I moved out, I rectified that situation, and got a cat. Through almost two decades of experiences personally taking my pet to multiple veterinary practices since that time, I have learned that the right guidance and advice, an understanding of where I was coming from in my life, and honest communication without judgement was critical for me and my family in making the best decisions possible for our pets and our household. That household has grown to include a husband, 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter, who loved that cat (and continue to love all animals) as much as I. We all love taking our dog, Cayenne, out to experience the beauty of Colorado for bike rides, runs, mountain hikes, and to local breweries and baseball games.

My experience with Golden Paws – as a customer first – has been the easiest, best, most straightforward, and comfortable one for my family yet. I bring a degree in Communication from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, more than 15 years of strategic marketing, communications, and public relations accuity, and my passion for pets to Golden Paws. It is my personal mission to help ensure we deliver Golden Paws’ unique quality veterinarian partnership to many more households in our local community. Because both people and pets deserve it.