I vividly remember Dr. Marcus’ brown, wood-paneled station wagon pulling up into our driveway to pay our Labrador retriever, Stormy, a visit. He looked like the classic old school veterinarian making house calls to examine and treat his patients. He had thick gray hair and wore a traditional white lab coat that cut off just beyond his beltline. After exchanging pleasantries with my mom, he examined Stormy, administered her vaccines and retrieved a sample of blood. Years later, I graduated from veterinary school at the University of Missouri in 2002 and traveled to Wheat Ridge to complete their coveted internship. For several years, I worked with some of the best doctors at the best hospitals in the Denver area. I honed my skills in surgery and medicine and learned how to use the many tools in our profession including ultrasound, laparoscopy, and digital radiography. Then, I was recruited by Pfizer Animal Health (now Zoetis), the largest Animal Health company in the world. I served as a technical advisor and educator on their many innovative treatments for dogs and cats. We introduced new cutting edge treatments for pet allergies. We created the best medicines to stop vomiting, itching and even anxieties due to fireworks. Now at Golden Paws, I want to bring all of these experiences together. I want to be your neighborhood veterinarian, like Dr. Marcus was for my family. In addition, I want to deliver the highest quality medicine for which my experience and training has prepared me. My wife, Amber, and I along with my daughters Hannah and Maggie thank you for allowing us to treat your furry family members. Tater Tot, our Golden Retriever, is also grateful as far as we can tell :)!